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Tax advice

  • Provision of tax advisory services in all areas of taxation of legal entities and natural persons, processing income tax returns including optimisation of the tax burden on the client and to other taxes
  • Extension of deadlines for submitting income tax return forms for a tax advisor or entrepreneur and for companies that are not subject to legal verification of statements by auditors
  • Representation of the client in tax proceedings in front of a tax administrator Preparation of expert opinions and tax analyses  

Financial advice

  • Provision of financial advice and consultation services, processing analyses of the client’s financial situation and preparing proposals for solving detected problems
  • Provision of economic evaluation of business objectives and preparing documents for applications for financing bank loans.

Administration of accounting and tax records

  • Provision of services in administrating accounting and tax records, processing ordinary and extraordinary financial statements
  • Completion of accounting reconstruction

Legal services

Through the cooperating attorney we provide:

  • Representation in proceedings in front of the court and other authorities, during meetings with business partners or the client’s counterpart, defence in criminal matters
  • Provision of legal consultation, provision of legal advice including an objective assessment of each client’s case, completion of a legal analysis and proposal of possible legal strategies
  • Drafting and drawing up contracts and other legal documents, replacement of official verification of a signature with a so-called statement of the attorney on the authenticity of the signature with the same effects
  • Attorney escrow services, both in terms of monetary funds and documents