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Serious, educated, experienced, competent, consistent, secretive and loyal. A perfect assistant and advisor. It knows the laws and regulations and knows how to navigate through them. It works systematically and reliably. It protects entrusted interests and closely supervises compliance.

It is here for you, when you need tax consultancy, i.e.:

  • Provision of legal assistance and financial economic advice on matters concerning tax, levies and fees and other such payments. Moreover, on matters concerning taxes directly 
  • Provision of advice and consultation in solving tax laws and other financial economic problems arising from the client’s business operations
  • Processing tax returns and other tax reporting
  • Preparation and listing of written documents, application and other documents for financial authorities
  • Provision of legal services, which we ensure through our cooperating attorney, in particular:
  • Representation in proceedings in front of the court and other authorities, during meetings with business partners or the client’s counterpart, defence in criminal matters
  • Provision of legal consultation, provision of legal advice including an objective assessment of each client’s case, completion of a legal analysis and proposal of possible legal strategies
  • Drafting and drawing up contracts and other legal documents, replacement of official verification of a signature with a so-called statement of the attorney on the authenticity of the signature with the same effects
  • Attorney escrow services, both in terms of monetary funds and documents
  • Administration of accounting and tax records, processing financial statements
  • Economic and organisational consultancy services